Fearless R2W is a volunteer group of community helpers and parents who want to provide opportunities for learning about child welfare in Manitoba.

We have learning circles and sharing circles, check out our Facebook page for our most up to date events!


One thought on “Welcome

  1. My granddaughter is in CFS care and what a nightmare the agency we are working with has become. I have been working with the Southern Authority for a year now and education myself with the Child Act the Manitoba Foster Parent program, M.U.F.F.I.N, The Children’s Advocate and educated myself with CFS Procedures and court procedures provided by Manitoba Laws under the child act. I have read some of the most toughest cases involving CFS agencies in Canada/ USA about the children who have died in the care of CFS. I am interested in your organization and would like to learn more of how you advocate families. My family for one have and still to this very day have been mistreated by CFS worker yet thier superior’s turn a blind eye and for this reason we have been fighting back since day one, but now that I am more educated and learned how this agency lies to the Southern Authority it is starting to come back on them as the Southern Authority is helping us. It should of never have came to this outcome but my granddaughter was taken away all because of false allocations and I find it criminal that the court system believe’s CFS over anything anyone has to say especially in false aligation’s which CFS never proved thier case at all to the courts. My story has a lot more to tell of how I uncovered wrongdoing of this agency which now I am moving up thier ladder with the help of the Southern Authority to get the attention of the Executive Director. Once again I am interested in your group and would like to meet people who’s children suffer in the CFS system. I never wanted to fight with them we tried our hardest to work with them but they just kept lying and misleaded my daughter to the point that I had to step forward with no positive outcome but thanks to the Southern Authority our situation may change to the good for my granddaughter. I don’t knock down the CFS system for yes there is children who do need the help but for a good hard working, loving family like our family and what we have endured to date. Education is the best way whenever CFS comes to apprehend a child.

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