Upcoming Topics

All below events take place at the Turtle Island Neighbourhood Centre (510 King St) at 6pm every Thursday.

Upcoming Topics

Jan 18 – Mental Health Supports
Guests: Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA)
What types of mental health supports can parents ask for without having a CFS file opened on them? Who would parents even ask? Join the Fearless R2W team as we learn from the WRHA about what types of mental health supports we have available in the city.

Jan 25 – Sharing Circle
Guests: Community members (you)
Each month we host a sharing circle for parents and community helpers to vent, share their feelings and sit with others who are working with the system. Come share with us!

Feb 1 – Addiction Supports
Guests: To Be Determined
Join Fearless R2W as we explore what types of ADDICTION SUPPORTS exist out there that families can access. We will share some handouts we received from Addictions Foundation of MB as well as info about some of the services they offer. We are interested and looking for alternative ways of addressing addictions and exploring the possibility of “Sanctuary Services” where people who ask for help/support for their addiction do not risk losing their child while they go through treatment. There has also been an expressed desire for cultural opportunities as interventions, so if you know anything about those supports please let us know!

Feb 8 – Self Care Night
Guests: To Be Determined
Join Fearless R2W for our first ever Self Care night! We welcome people to bring their SELF CARE TIPS to share. We will also be reaching out to local groups and businesses to see if we can get people some other kind of awesome thing – massages, exercise, haircuts or something else!

Feb 15 – Community Org Presentation
Guests: Winnipeg Boldness Project
Join us as we learn from Winnipeg Boldness Project! How can community get involved and what have they been up to lately? All community members welcome to come listen and learn.

Feb 22 – Moving Beyond The System
Guests: Angela Taylor & Inspire Community Outreach
Inspire’s founder, Angela Taylor, spent much of her childhood in both informal care and under CFS care, has experience as a foster parent, and has supported 1000s of families throughout nearly 20 years of providing service. She will be talking about her own experience, sharing advocacy binders to get organized (like a boss!), and sharing Inspire’s gifting books for each child attending.

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Topics

  1. Would it be possible for someone to post the outcome of the meetings for the benefit of those who cannot attend? I would love to hear the ideas generated from the Jan 18 meeting. Thanks!

  2. Re: Self Care Night. Feb 8th Resources/ Support & Encouragement

    Below are 2 books written by women who have been in your shoes.

    Iyanla Vanzant and Elease Wiggins each wrote these books to share with other women, how they pulled themselves and their families out of the web of dependency on welfare.systems.

    Like Fearless R2W, they each wrote these books to share information with other women (and men) that will help them regain control over their lives. (and end government control over their destiny).

    I’m sharing this information,with you in that same spirit.

    Men can greatly benefit from these guidebooks too.

    The books are: “Tapping the Power Within: A Path to Self Empowerment for Women (or Men) by Iyanla Vanzant .

    “A Farewell to Welfare :25 Strategies to Freedom, Independence and Prosperity” by Elease Wiggins

    Iyanla and Elease both share their own journey’s in these books.

    May all who come to self care night be blessed by the Creator through these guidebooks of support, strategy and affirmation..

  3. Re: Self Care Gift

    Anybody needing new boots or shoes, can use the discount code “Happy Feet” and get 15% off your purchase at Soft Star Shoes.

    Soft Star makes shoes, boots, and moccasins that are designed to feel like you’re walking barefoot.

    Softstar is committed to helping all its employees maintain satisfying work and family lives, offering flexible scheduling, paid time off, and paid maternity/paternity leave.

    In an effort to encourage professional and personal growth, Softstar also provides funding for continuing education opportunities, empowering it’s employees to expand their skills and pursue their passions.

    This is their website:

  4. “Humans need to feel connected in order to thrive, but at a very young age many of us experience an unnameable loss of connection. That loss can turn into a longing, and that longing can steer us down a path of deeper suffering.”

    “Coming around the table with loved ones to share in a “shame-free zone”, and to listen with a compassionate heart, allows us the possibility of nurturing the pain that is underneath the longing.” – Angel Grant, Co-founder Drugs Over Dinner

    Drugs Over Dinner is a toolkit to plan, host and moderate a conversation about drugs and addiction. They have gathered thoughtful and compelling homework and free resources for your guests.

    “This is a conversation for kids, parents, those in recovery, those still in the grip of addiction, people that have never taken a drug, folks that are passionate about the healing nature of substances, citizens that are interested in policy reform, even people who want the status quo to remain.”

    ” It is our goal to inspire a million people within the next year to gather around the table and share a compassionate conversation about drugs and addiction.”


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