Advocacy Tips

In March 2018 Fearless R2W sat together and brainstormed a few advocacy tips for community members. Check out our advocacy tips and be sure to join us in our coming learning and sharing circles!


  • get educated on the child welfare system
  • don’t wait for the bad thing to happen before bringing your community together
  • listen to the social worker
  • attend workshops to build your skills
  • as a helper to parents, encourage them to speak up for themselves
  • show up on time
  • speak the language of the worker / be proffessional
  • don’t give in to anger
  • be self aware of your body language and tone of voice and facial expressions
  • don’t assume you “can’t” or are “not allowed” to do something
  • know yourself / take self care
  • know your own triggers and emotions

101 thoughts on “Advocacy Tips

  1. There is no such thing as a stupid question..

    There are only stupid answers. Never be afraid to ask a question.

  2. Attention CFS: The R2W neighborhood stands on Treaty One territory.

  3. I have to forgive myself every single day.

    We all came here from the same Creator.

  4. “God did not create one ethnic group, to be put in charge of all other ethnic groups!”

    ~ Dr. Betty Shabazz (wife of Malcolm X)

  5. In The Girl Who Smiled Beads, Clemantine Wamariya provokes us to look beyond the label of “victim” and recognize the power of the imagination to transcend even the most profound injuries and aftershocks.

  6. Journey Jamison is 16 years old, and is saving lives from gun violence on the south side of Chicago. See how:


    “Let’s be the quiet revolution – moving towards integration instead of isolation, healing instead of punishment, and peace amid unrest – inside ourselves, and inside the prisons.”

    Anneke Lucas, Founder, Liberation Prison Yoga

  8. The story of a 13 acre community garden right in the middle of South Central Los Angeles.

    Every R2W resident needs to watch this documentary film, and learn how neighborhood level Political Corruption happens in communities.

    “The Garden”

  9. Crazy: the documentary:
    “A powerful and important film that will prompt viewers to think deeply about society’s “forced treatment” of people diagnosed with psychiatric disorders, and whether it violates their fundamental rights as citizens. This film asks the audience to see and feel this question from the perspective of the person being “treated,” and it makes for an unsettling experience indeed.”

    -Robert Whitaker: Author, Anatomy of an Epidemic,
    award winning medical journalist

  10. Note to CFS:

    The parents and the children affected by CFS’s colonialist, genocidal polices will soon rise. It’s inevitable! Your reign of terror will be ending soon….

    This is dedicated to all the Mommas, Pappas, Kookums, Nimosôms and all their beautiful children. Including those beautiful children who have died in CFS “care”. Which includes all those who have died from suicide after growing up in CFS “care”, and those who are currently incarcerated, or living on the streets.

    We will never forget your lives, and we hold you up in our hearts.

  11. Respect and appreciation to Trevell Coleman for his desire to practice Restorative Justice.

    He is being the change he wants to see in the world.

    If only our world leaders were as honest as Trevell is.

    Now we need to install a model for restorative justice to replace the punitive justice system AKA “revenge” justice legislated by the courts of law.

    Follow the teachings of the elders, Department of Justice Canada!

  12. CFS, you are on your last leg!!

  13. Fearless friends needed:

  14. Human trafficking

  15. TRUTH before Reconcilliation

  16. Systems of white supremacy ideals

  17. Indigenous children DESERVE Indigenous protection, not a racist government agency breaking apart their families

  18. Overcoming obstacles.

    Jumaane Williams has Tourette’s syndrome.

    That hasn’t stopped him from being a vocal community activist for affordable housing, gun control and equitable systems, and ending racist practices in police work.

    Now he’s running for Lt. Governor of his hometown of NYC.

    Children with Tourette’s need to see Jumaane’s assent.

  19. “What is in one, is in the whole.”
    – Maya Angelou

    If something exists within one person, then we are all capable of it as human beings.
    It doesn’t matter what it is.

  20. “i have been waiting 30 years for the Hawaiian culture to be represented in this way in film!”
    – Harry Uhane Jim, Hawaian elder

    “Aloha from Lavaland” documentary film

  21. Word.

  22. The Roman Catholic Church in Pennsylvania covered up child sexual abuse by more than 300 priests over a period of 70 years,

    This is the broadest examination yet by a government agency in the United States of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

  23. “Leonard Peltier (of the Anishinabe, Dakota, and Lakota Nations)
    traces the roots of his political activism to the rank racism and brutal poverty he experienced every day as an Indian child growing up on the Turtle Mountain Chippewa and Fort Totten Sioux reservations in North Dakota.”

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