Fearless R2W 2020

Fearless R2W is moving into 2020 with a clear vision of how we hope to support families who are struggling with child and family services and welcome into the circle young people as they age out of care! See below a visual smattering of what we are up to:

There are many more things we are working on but here are some quick summaries of what we are hoping to get up to this year!

  • Wednesday Meetings: Join us Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm at 510 King St to participate in our education and advocacy activities!
  • More Advocates: In 2019 we perfected our training process and our first batch of advocates completed their training. Our current group of helpers are supporting over 20 families and we have seen several reunifications in recent months. Building on that success, this year we hope to train more advocates and offer our advocacy training to groups who are interested in hiring us to train their people.
  • Housing Solutions: This innovation initiative will be ending this summer but the many prototypes identified are going to keep many of us busy for a lot longer than that! We are excited to share some of the progress at bi-monthly update meetings and other events in the remaining months of the project as we create our road map! (Learn more at the website that will be expanding very awesomely very soon).
  • Caring for Youth in Care Community Walk: this 3 month pilot project will attempt to get community members to seek out youth who are absent from their CFS placements, care for them and then try to address their reasons for running away in the first place. This is a $5,000 project funded by the City of Winnipeg crime prevention fund, was awarded at the end of December 2019 and the funds must be spent and project completed by March 31, 2020.
  • 24 Hour Community Helper Initiative: Working with Ma Mawi Chi Itata, MacDonald Youth Services and other partners we have applied to a Manitoba provincial government call to create 24 hour community helpers to prevent kids from coming into care by supporting families in a healing centred and culturally safe way!
  • T shirts & business cards: shout out to our relatives in different systems who support our business cards and pamphlets being printed. We also want to send love to the graphics department at RB Russell for getting some beautiful t shirts to us. We will begin selling our t shirts in the very near future, providing the community another venue to support the work we do.
  • Fearless Downtown: This is a dream that is a partnership with New Journey Housing and others that will hopefully create housing supports for Indigenous youth aging out of child welfare AND help us get another fearless group going to support families in the downtown/west end/central areas of Winnipeg.

As you can see there are many things we are working on. We haven’t even touched on our city wide, cross Canada and international networking, our self care and wellness activities and our partnerships with health and harm reductions groups to support families struggling with mental health or addictions challenges. We meet every Wednesday night & are grateful to our dedicated volunteers, Turtle Island for welcoming us & especially our youth and families for trusting us to walk with them.

You can keep up to date on all of the activities of our group at our official website www.FearlessR2W.ca!

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  1. Hey CFS, Context matters.

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