Fearless R2W began in January of 2014 at Meet Me @ the Bell Tower. There were 2 events focusing on “Family” where parents identified some of the supports they felt they required to keep their families intact and away from the grips of CFS. Social media began in April 2014 when MM@BT hosted the first event called “Fearless R2W”. May 2014 was the first time Fearless R2W was presented publicly at an AMC CFS Forum at IMFC by one community mother with vast experience in raising her own children, grandchildren, foster children and neighbourhood kids too. In the time that followed many community members continued talking about CFS and wondering about what we could do as a group after we decided that a group was needed. Finally, at the end of November 2014 was when the first Indigenous Family Centre meetings began, at first attracting no one other than our 2 community animators. January 2015 was the beginning of the bi-weekly meetings that have continued ever since. We have since developed the Government and Community Recommendations, connected with the Minister of CFS, MB Foster Family Network & more.

We now meet weekly on Thursdays at Turtle Island  neighbourhood Centre at 510 King Street at 6pm!

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